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Firefox is not the selected application. Your Mac will always display the menu bar for the program that's currently selected. Look at the name next to the Apple menu in the top left corner of your screen. If it doesn't say Firefox, click anywhere on the Firefox window to select it again. How to restore the menu bar in Visual Studio Code - Stack Option 2. Make the menu bar permanently visible. Steps: Press F1; Type user settings; Press Enter; Click on the { } (top right corner of the window) to open settings.json file see the screenshot; Then in the settings.json file, change the value to the default "window.menuBarVisibility": "default" you can see a sample here (or remove this line from JSON file. If you remove any value from the No Menu, Singapore - Central Area/City Area - Restaurant Mar 06, 2020 Toolbar missing, or how to reset menus in Excel for Mac

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Display the Thunderbird menus and toolbar | Thunderbird Help Hidden Menu Bar. If you're using any version of Thunderbird released in November 2012 or later, you now have a menu button on the top-right corner that takes the most common functions and puts them in one menu. For new Thunderbird users, the Menu Bar is hidden by default. How do I restore the PDF menu bar (File-Edit-View I was able to get the menu bar to appear If I resized the document by moving the pointer to the right, left, top, or bottom of the document (you'll see a double arrow), then clicking and dragging. The problem was permanently solved for all documents by opening Adobe Acrobat without opening a document. Then click on Edit on the menu bar Photoshop 2020 missing the menu bar and issue with Photoshop 2020 missing the menu bar and issue with interface Jrojas0380. New Here, Dec 05, 2019. Copy link to clipboard. Copied. Hi All, I recently got the month to month subscription for Adobe Cloud. I downloaded photoshop and its very glitchy. Cant see the File or any commands on top. I have to guess where its at. also the screen to the right No Menu - 19 Photos & 17 Reviews - Food - 23 Boon Tat