5. Maka anda akan diarahkan ke halaman Local Area Network (LAN) Settings. Pada bagian Proxy Server, silahkan beri tanda centang pada Use a proxy server for your LAN.Kemudian tulis alamat proxynya yaitu proxy.rapidplex.com.Lalu tulis port 3128.Jangan lupa untuk memberi tanda centang pada Bypass proxy server for local addresses.Setelah itu klik OK.

Proxy Helper 1.2.7 CRX for Chrome - Download CRX for Proxy Helper Description: By default, Chrome use the system proxy setting(IE proxy settings on Windows platform ), but sometime we want to set proxy ONLY for chrome, not the whole system. Proxy helper extension use Chrome native proxy API to set proxy, support socks5, socks4, http, HTTPS protocols and pac script, Fast And Simple. To use this Google Chrome: How to Assign a Proxy Server that is By default, Google Chrome will use the proxy settings that Internet Explorer uses. If you wish to use a different proxy server (or disable the proxy completely) you need to append a switch to your application shortcut. 1. Go to the shortcut you use to open Google Chrome. … How do you bypass a proxy server? | AnswersDrive

Finally you can use chrome browser with proxy.--proxy-bypass-list: If you want to tell google-chrome to NOT use a proxy with specific domains use --proxy-bypass-list command. This command specifies a list of hosts for whom we bypass proxy settings and use direct connections. Ignored if --proxy-auto-detect or --no-proxy-server are also specified

The Bypass Proxy Server for Local Addresses option in Windows 8's Internet Options dialog enables you to circumvent an active proxy when accessing local resources. In Chrome is Bypassing Proxy Settings Solutions | Experts

Proxy Settings. Controls the operation of the proxy server that is the core of Charles. Ports. The proxy server operates on two ports, one for the HTTP proxy and on for the SOCKS proxy. The defaults for these are usually fine. You may need to change them if you have something already using one of the ports on your system.

Chrome is Bypassing Proxy Settings Solutions | Experts Chrome has the ability to use Internet Options proxy settings or its own settings. By default, it should use Internet Options settings, but that can be disabled or bypassed in Chrome. The policy templates in the link above can help you by modifying Chrome's settings so it is forced to use the Internet Options proxy, or you can deploy a separate Set Chrome policies for users or browsers - Google Chrome