Mac OS X has an "internet sharing" feature in the Sharing panel in System Preferences. As several people have already figured out in the question and answers here, it lets you share the connection from one hardware interface via any other hardware interface, but it can't use a single Wi-Fi interface as both the main connection and to re-share.

May 06, 2020 · When you sharing your WiFi connection from Mac, the other devices or computers can use this shared connection through Bluetooth. iPhone and iPad can also use via USB. Let’s see how to share internet from Mac, just follow the given steps. On your Mac, click the Apple icon top-left corner and then select “System Preferences” from the menu. WiFi Sharing Manager is an easy-to-use handy software that turns any WLAN-connected laptop into a LAN router (or called "Gateway"). And your second computer which lacks wireless adapter can Jan 20, 2020 · I. Share files from Windows to Mac 1. Set up file sharing on Windows. i. Press Windows key + X and go to Control Panel.. ii. Go to Network and Internet and select HomeGroup.. iii. Here, tap on Dec 08, 2015 · Sharing files between Mac OS & Android over WiFi doesn’t require any Internet or cellular data connection and is really fast using the Share It app. In this tutorial we will cover How to Transfer Files from Mac OS to Android or from Android to Mac OS X over WiFi by Share It app . Mar 24, 2018 · WiFi hotspot venues include airport, cafes, libraries and hotels. Follow the bellow step for how to Enable/ turn on WiFi hotspot on Mac and share with your iPhone or iPad. Useful: How to decrease/ Reduce transparency in OS X Yosemite.

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Here's how to connect a Mac and a Windows 10 PC and share files over a network. See also: macOS vs Windows 10 comparison. Run Windows 10 on your Mac using VirtualBox.

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