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Setting Up and Registering Your NOOK. When you first turn on your NOOK, you are asked if you are in the UK or United States. Tap the appropriate response. The first step in getting started with your NOOK is to set up and register it with Barnes & Noble (simply B&N from now on). The next step is to set up the Wi-Fi access (see Figure 1.1). You 6 Ways to Reset a Nook - wikiHow Nov 11, 2019 Overview of AOL Mail on mobile devices - AOL Help Nov 01, 2019 Email Setups - Nex-Tech Help Desk NOOK Tablet - E-Mail Setup. Outlook 2010 Email Setup. Outlook Express and Outlook 2000 - E-mail Setup. Outlook Express Email Setup. Kindle Fire Email Setup NOTE These steps were taken using a First Generation Kindle Fire. The layout and steps taken may vary depending on your model and version. However, the steps should remain relatively

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The Nook HD and HD+ are full-color, LCD screen eReaders with Wi-Fi capabilities that let users read books, view PDFs, watch movies, and check email on the go. But like any wireless device, setting up and logging into a Gmail account can be tricky. You have to authorize your Gmail account before logging in on the Nook.

Tap the Email Accounts Menu (next to Compose a New Email), and select Accounts. Tap Add Account. On the email account setup screen, enter your email address and email password. If you would like to make this account the default account you will use for sending mail from your NOOK, check the box next to Send email from this account by default I cannot get my email to connect to the nook tablet I cannot get my email to connect to the nook tablet - Answered by a verified Android Device Expert. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described … NOOK Email - YouTube