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What is the port number used by the Turbo NAS? | QNAP Nov 28, 2018 SAMBA Configuration This should return the IP address of the LDAP server and its port number. Check domain SIDs. SAMBA should have created it's own machine domain SID and should have read the domain SID from LDAP: net lookup name EXAMPLE.COM net lookup name LARIX This should return the SIDs. Check to see if the user SIDs are there and correct: net usersidlist How to open the Firewall port for Samba server using How to open the Firewall port for Samba server using FirewallD Solution Verified - Updated 2016-04-26T14:25:24+00:00 - English [Chapter 4] 4.4 Server Configuration

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This configuration file is pretty simple; it advertises the Samba server on a NBT network under the NetBIOS name hydra. In addition, the machine belongs to the workgroup SIMPLE and displays a description to clients that includes the Samba version number as well as the NetBIOS name of the Samba server.

How to Configure Samba Server in Redhat Linux Samba allows Linux to interact with Window client, Server, member of Active Directory, Primary domain controller, or member server. Samba support Microsoft Access Control Lists. Main configuration file of Samba server is /etc/samba/smb.conf; Samba Web Administration tool (SWAT) is a GUI base configuration tool for Samba Serveravailable from RHEL 6 Centos 7 | Install and setup samba server ( file sharing) Samba Server port numbers. 137/tcp 137/udp 138/tcp 138/udp 139/udp 139/udp 445/tcp 445/udp. Daemon used in Samba server. Samba services are implemented as two daemons: 1. smbd, It provides the file and printer sharing services. 2. nmbd It provides the NetBIOS-to-IP-address name service. NetBIOS over TCP/IP requires some method for mapping Fedora 32: Simple Local File-Sharing with Samba - Fedora Jun 12, 2020 Appendix D